Activity on the Island

Scopri la magia di Grado, tra relax e divertimento.

Visit to the sanctuary of Barbana

About 20 minutes by ferry from Grado is the island of Barbana, home to an ancient Marian shrine and the permanent residence of a small community of Franciscan friars.

Barbana with its grove and its sanctuary remains a gem and a must for those who want to spend a quiet day surrounded by greenery and the romantic silence of the Grado lagoon.

Excursions and birdwatching

Valle Cavanata

A few minutes from Grado is the natural reserve of the Valle Cavanata, a former fish valley, an ideal place to engage in trails in contact with nature and above all birdwatching.

The island of Cona

The island of Cona in the reserve of the mouth of the Isonzo is considered a great site of educational, scientific and naturalistic interest and is the natural habitat of numerous species, in particular birds. Thanks to this characteristic, it is the perfect destination for birdwatchers.

Grado’s Lagoon

Starting from the port and pier of Grado or from the Schiusa canal, it is possible to make various excursions and trips between the various islets and huts of the Grado lagoon and reach Trieste, Marano and Slovenia.


Thanks to the bike paths in Grado, the bicycle is a valid means of transport to visit the city in its entirety and to reach and admire the beauty of the surroundings.

Furthermore, the island is located at the end of the Alpe Adria, Europe’s best bike path in 2015, with its marvelous mountain, hill and lagoon landscapes that follow one another for 425 km, starting from Salzburg.

The Golf Club

At the Golf Club of Grado it is possible to go on an 18-hole course immersed in a lagoon landscape, extending over more than 60 hectares, unique in the world, where it is possible to play throughout the year.


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Kitesurf and SUP

In the beach of Grado pineta are given real Kitesurf lessons and experience the thrill of flying on the waves of the sea.

On the Costa Azzurra beach, however, it is possible to practice SUP (Stand Up Paddle), a variant of Surf, which consists of standing on a board, holding a paddle to move.