Grado and surroundings

Vi presentiamo la nostra splendida Isola: scoprite la magia di Grado.


Our “Island of the Sun”, awarded every year with the Blue flag (international recognition that certifies the care and cleaning of the coasts and the sea), has always been the protagonist of poems, paintings and songs. Grado and its lagoon, which is tinged with elegant pink shades at sunset, enter the heart of every visitor, thanks to the charm and atmosphere they know how to give.


“The second Rome”, only 10km from Grado due to the richness of its archaeological remains, is one of the most significant cultural sites in Europe.

Trieste and Miramare

Thanks to its palaces of neoclassical, liberty and baroque styles and its square overlooking the sea, Trieste seems like a city that has stood still in time.

A few kilometers away is also the magnificent castle of Miramare, an icon of the Habsburg dynasty that offers an unforgettable glimpse of the gulf.

Cividale del friuli

UNESCO heritage, this city preserves significant Lombard testimonies

San Daniele

Main center of Friuli Collinare, characterized by panoramas on gentle expanses of hills and is renowned for its smoked trout but above all for its well-known raw ham.


Monumental staircase that contains the remains of the 100,000 soldiers who fell during the First World War, collected from 1938 within the 22 steps.


City of the artist Gianbattista Tiepolo, Udine is characterized by the Venetian charm, defined as “the most beautiful Venetian square on the mainland”.


Gorizia has always been culturally influenced by the intersection of different civilizations, witnessed by its streets, its architecture, its monuments and its parks.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is characterized by a polygonal nine-pointed star plan and is a magnificent example of a fortress town.


Hilly area, characterized by small villages and vines is renowned for its excellent tastings of fine wines.